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Habitat for Humanity is a Christian ministry financed through private donations and volunteer labor. Our purpose is to build homes with families who live in inadequate shelter or substandard housing and to sell the houses to the families at no profit and no interest.

Family Selection Criteria and Information

1. To qualify you must have housing need (substandard as to quality, space or safety).

2. You must have lived in Logan County for one year.

    1 person         $ 28,014
    2 persons        $ 32,016
    3 persons        $ 36,018
    4 persons        $ 40,020
    5 persons        $ 43,222
    6 persons        $ 46,423
    * This information is 60% standard of need according to HUD guidelines.

4. With your permission, we will verify employment and other income, verify checking   
    and savings account balances, get a statement from current and previous landlords and have
    a credit check done.

5. If you are approved for a Habitat home, we ask that you be willing to join in programs to learn
    and practice budgeting, home repair and maintenance.

6. If approved for a Habitat home, we require that all adult members of your household, 18 years
    and older, be willing to work. A minimum of 250 hours of sweat equity is required for a single
    person household and 350 hours for a family.

7. If approved for a Habitat home, $500 will be needed for a down payment. One hundred dollars
    of this amount is required prior to construction beginning on your home and the balance is due
    prior to moving into the home.

8. When the home is finished, it is appraised and then sold to the family with a zero-interest loan
    at 70 per cent of its appraised value. A portion of the house payment is put into escrow to
    cover taxes, insurance and major repairs. The mortgage payments are paid to the local
    Habitat affiliate and these funds are then used to build more homes with other families.

If you are interested in Habitat and if you believe you qualify for a home according to the above guidelines, we encourage you to fill out and return an application.

Families are selected from current applications. Families that meet our criteria but were not selected during this application period are encouraged to apply during the next application period.

All information is considered confidential and is to be used only for family selection.

Habitat for Humanity is a Christian organization that abides by Equal Opportunity Act, Fair Housing Laws, Fair Credit Reporting, Privacy Act, American Disability Act, HUD Equal Housing Opportunity Laws and any applicable Federal, State and Local Laws.

To begin the application process, click on the following link and print the PRE-APPLICATION SCREENING form:

HFH Pre-Application Form.pdf

Send the completed form to 
Habitat for Humanity of Logan County
P.O. Box 714
Lincoln, IL 62656

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